VPS Server Hosting - Introduction FAQ!

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Community FAQ to BIP media’s – Questions and Answers. If you have other question, you can
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VPS Server Hosting - Introduction FAQ!

Q: Why choose BIP media?
A: BIP media simplifies cloud VPS server hosting services by providing customers with a simple and intuitive control panel for full control over your servers. Customers can spin up a VPS server in no time flat.

We offer first-time customers a free cloud VPS server with 4GB of RAM, 15GB OS Disk, 4 CPU, and 1TB Transfer.
BIP media gives you a choice to mix and match KVM and LXC VPS Server technology giving you the flexibility you need to scale as you see fit.

Q: What advantages does a cloud VPS server have over shared hosting plan?
A: BIP media users can spin up a cloud VPS server in no time flat... Every cloud VPS server comes with full root access, your choice of Linux operating system, and the ability to customize the OS any way you like.

Q: What advantages does a BIP media cloud VPS server have over a dedicated server?
A: With BIP media cloud VPS server hosting service you can scale your VPS server with a simple click of the mouse. From the control panel add more RAM, increase disk size, add even add more CPU cores. When you're done merely reboot your VPS Server, and your cloud VPS server instantaneously provisioned with your new settings. It’s that simple!

Q: Do you have a referral program?
A: Yes we do! Customers can refer their friends and earn $15 in account credits towards your VPS server hosting services at BIP media. Click here to learn more about how our referral program works.